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Factoryville Fire Company 
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Albert Bennett- Fire Police
Adrian Bianchi- EMS Captain
Joann Bolin
John Bower- Firefighter/EMT
Cory Brower- Junior Firefighter
Bob Brown- Firefighter/EMT
Bobby Carpenter
Mike Doty- Firefighter
Brian Gow
Russ Gow  (Rest in Peace)
Mary Greenley- EMT
Ben Hall
Tim Herron
Tim Hildebrand
Joseph Howard- Junior Firefighter
Kevin Howard
Jack Kitchnefsky
Kathy Kulikowski- EMT
Mason Lengel- Firefighter
Daniel "JJ" Lomax- Firefighter (Rest in Peace)
Jackie Mattes- EMT
Eric McElwee
Mitchell McElwee
Emmy Nowalk- EMT
Jody Nowalk- Firefighter/EMT
Emma Peters- EMT
Brian Petula
Dave Richmond- Firefighter/Fire Police
Jacob Richmond- Junior Firefighter
Tom Schofield- Firefighter/EMT
Wanda Schofield- EMT
Dave Shaw- Firefighter
Ned Sherman
Kyle Stanton
Rebecca Swartz- Fire Police
John Taylor- Firefighter/EMT
AJ Traettino
Tony Vanko
Crystal Very
Dan Very
Kurtis Very
Gerard Welby- Firefighter
Bridget White- Firefighter
Ron Wood Jr.- Firefighter

Life members 
Ralph Walton Jr.                             Paul Wozniak 
Robert O. Mack                              Corey Huff 
Jack Atkinson                                 Ned Sherman 
Lyle Lindsey                                      Ed Jakubos 
John Sherman                                Bob Adams 
John Hinkle Sr.                                 Jody Nowalk 
Ashley Rought                                Wanda Schofield 
Ken Vanderburg Sr.                       Tom Schofield 
Don Wademan                              Dave Comstock
Reese Reese                                    Daniel "JJ" Lomax 
Albert Kehrli                                     Steve Clancey 
Russ Gow


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