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Busy Thursday for Station 9
Thursday June 25 would be a busy day for the Factoryville Fire Co.  The day started off around 08:00 with an assist to Station 5 Dalton on an activated fire alarm at the Parker Hill Church.  Command 5 would hold all units at station after dispatch and Tanker 9 was later returned.  Around 09:30 Station 9 was dispatched for an activated fire alarm at the Lackawanna Trail High School.  Chief 9 (R. Gow) would return all units after dispatch.  At 2:45 Station 9 and Station 5 was dispatched for a two car MVA on SR's 6 & 11 in front of Tall Timbers Village.  FP 9 (E. McElwee) marked on scene advising one car over the guide rail and two patients minor injuries.  Ambulance 9 handled the patient refusals while Rescue 9 controlled the hazards and Engine 5 assisted with traffic control.  All units were returned within 45 mins.

Unites on Scene
Rescue 9, Ambulance 9, Engine 5, CLS, PSP, Dalton PD

Engine and Tanker Run Mutual Aid Fire
At 10:00 a.m. on Monday June 22 Station 17 and Ambulance 9 were dispatched for a reported structure fire on SR 2009 in Lathrop Twp.  Lieutenant 17-13 (R. McClain) went enroute to the station requesting a full response from Hop Bottom.  Chief 9B (B. Gow) would arrive on scene confirming a mobile home with a working fire in the rear of the residence. 

Chief 17A (J. Herron) would immedieatly request Tanker 9 on the assist.  The tanker responded within minutes and while enroute Chief 17A would request the whole second alarm bringing Engine 9 also.  Engine 17 arrived and took an aggressive interior attack holding the fire to the rear of the trailer with Tanker 9 comming in behind and securing an initial water supply.  Hop Bottom Engine 2 set up a water supply a half mile down the road just incase it was needed, while Engine 9's crew assisted with overhaul.  Units operated on scene for two hours before being returned.  A great job was done by all especially the crew that had the first attack line holding the fire to the rear of the residence.

Units on Scene
Engine 17, Engine 9, Tanker 9, Support 9, Hop Bottom Engine 2 and Rescue 4

Members Complete additional national certifications
Congratulations to the following Factoryville Fire Company members who recently completed National Pro-Board and IFSAC Certifications. The testing consisted of both written and practical evaluations based on the Job Performance Requirements taken from the applicable NFPA Standard.

Fire Chief   Russ Gow    (NFPA 472 HazMat Ops and NFPA 1001 Fire Fighter II)
Assistant Fire Chief  Brian Gow  (NFPA 1001 Fire Fighter II)
Fire Captain   Kevin Howard  (NFPA 1021 Fire Officer I)
Fire Fighter  James Wassell    (NFPA 1001 Fire Fighter II)

Helmets off to you for your dedication and commitment to make the Factoryville Fire Company a better trained organization that serves our community and it’s citizens.

In addition Fire Lieutenant Kyle Stanton and Assistant Safety officer Jody Nowalk recently completed forty hours of Incident Command Training by taking both ICS 300 (Intermediate ICS for expanding incidents for operational first responders and ICS 400, Advanced ICS for Command and General Staff, Complex incidents and MACS for operational first responders.  Good Job to all and again,thanks! 

The Factoryville Fire Co. would like to congratulate....

Lieutenant Joseph Wasilewski for successfully completing his Driver/Operator Pumper Certification.  With Joe the Fire Co. now has 7 Certified Driver/Operator Pumper, and will now be taking the Driver/Operator Mobile Water Supply in September. Also, congratulations to Bob Holley for successfully passing his National Registry Paramedic.

Fire Chief Russ Gow, Asst. Chief Kevin Howard, Captain Brian Gow and Lieutenant Kyle Stanton on successfully completing the NFPA 1041 Fire Service Instructor 1 & 2.

Alice Foley and Kathy Smith on successfully completing their PA EMT Certification.

Sean Veety for successfully passing his NFPA 1001 Firefighter I.  Great Job Sean!

Lindsey Gannon upon successfully passing her PA EMT.  Lindsey is also a certified EMT in the state of Maryland. 

Factoryville Volunteer Fire Company to Bolster 
Fire Prevention Efforts with FM Global Grant
The Factoryville Volunteer Fire Company received a $1600 fire prevention grant recently from FM Global, a leading property insurer of the world’s largest businesses based in Johnston, R.I. 
Russ Gow, Fire Chief Factoryville Fire Company(left) receives a check for $1600 from Gary Ryman (center) Senior Engineering Specialist for FM Global.  Sheila Roberts, Chair Person for the Lackawanna Trail Elementary Center PTO Fire Prevention Day watches over the presentation. Factoryville Fire Company plans on using the funding to supplement the Annual Fire Prevention Day Activities held very year during National Fire prevention Week.

“At FM Global, we believe the majority of property damage is preventable—not inevitable—and we are pleased to make funding available to organizations, like the Factoryville Volunteer Fire Company, that share the same philosophy,” said Michael Spaziani, manager of FM Global’s Fire Prevention Grant Program. “After all, it’s much better to prevent a disaster than to recover from one.”

FM Global’s highly competitive Fire Prevention Grant Program (www.fmglobal.com/grants) awards grants quarterly to fire departments—as well as national, state, regional, local and community organizations worldwide—that best demonstrate a need for funding, where dollars can have the greatest impact on preventing, preparing for and controlling fire in the community.

The Factoryville Fire Company was presented the grant by FM Global New York Field Office Senior Engineering Specialist Gary Ryman. The Fire Company plans on utilizing the money to supplement the annual Fire Prevention program sponsored by the four fire companies( Dalton,Factoryville,Fleetville,Nicholson) and the Lackawanna Trail Parents and Teacher’s organization (LTPTO) at the Lackawanna Trail Elementary School.
New Ambulance 
in Service
The Factoryville Fire Company took delivery of their brand new 2008 F-450 4x4 Horton Ambulance at the end of April, and after getting it lettered, adding the equipment, and getting it licensed it was put into service around the end of May. 
The ambulance is the first due BLS truck for Factoryville Borough, Clinton Twp., Nicholson Borough, Nicholson Twp. in Wyoming County, part of Laplume Twp., and Benton Twp. in Lackawanna County, and part of Lathrop Twp., and Lenox Twp., in Susquehanna County. This new ambulance will serve the residents of these communities greatly. The new ambulance is pretty much the same as the old one with the exception of the truck front instead of the van, and the four wheel drive.  Though it is slightly bigger than the last ambulance it will make a great addition to the Factoryville Fire Company fleet.

The members of the Factoryville Fire Co. would like to congratulate Jamie Wassell and Thomas Reimann on successfully completing their IFSAC/Pro Board Firefighter I Certifications at the Bucks County Public Safety Training Center.  With these two new additions it brings Station 9's total of FF I's & II's to 15. Also,  congratulations to Adrian Bianchi on successfully completing the Pennsylvania Department of Health Basic Vehicle Rescue Technician.

Assist on Working Structure
At approximately  09:30 on May 26 Station 9 was dispatched to assist Station 63 on a working structure fire at CJ's Deli.  Chief 63 A (R. Walton) was already on scene with fire self venting on the B side of the structure.  Engine 9 responded within minutes with a crew of 7 and the Tanker following with a crew of 3.  Upon arrival Engine 63 had a good knock on the fire with Engine 9's crew entering the A side checking for extension.  Ladder 5 arrived and performed the vertical ventilation. The fire was contained to the apartment half of the building and extinguished. Units operated for approx. 3 hours.

Units on the Box
Engine 63, Tanker 63, Engine 9, Tanker 9, Ambulance 9, Ladder 5, Engine 5, Tanker 5, Ambulance 5-9, Rescue 36, Tanker 36.  Nicholson Fire was on stand by at thier station, and Station 5 had Engine 12 relocate to their station. 
The members  of the Factoryville Fire Company would like to congratulate Mr. and Mrs Kyle Stanton. Kyle is a lieutenant with the Fire Company. We would like to send our good will and wishes to Kyle and Cat, and welcome her to the fire company family. They were married on Saturday May 17 at the Methodist Church in Factoryville.

Busy Tuesday Keeps Station 9 Running
After clearing the first call of the day at 05:30 the day was quiet until 10:40 a.m. when Wyoming County dispatched Station 9 for the 2 car mva on SR 6 & 11 across the street from Edwards Auto Repair. 
Chief 9B (Howard) arrived on scene assuming command and advising all units no entrapment, fluids down, possibly one patient , the rest sign offs.  Rescue 9 handled the hazards, while Ambulance 9 and Ambulance 5-9 transported one patient each to the area hospital.  Engine 5 was cancelled.  Units operated for about one hour.
Units on the Crash
Rescue 9, Ambulance 9, Engine 5, Ambulance 5-9

After clearing the second crash little did Station 9 know there was another call to come.  At approx. 14:20 Wyoming County dispatched Station 9 to SR 6 & 11 near the Intersection of SR 438 for wires down and fire in the woods.  Chief 9 (R. Gow) arrived on scene assuming command advising units of a small brush fire.  Fire was extinguished by units from Tanker 9 and Brush 5.  Units operated on scene for about one hour.

Units on the Brush Fire
Tanker 9, Ambulance 9, Brush 5, Engine 5

Early Morning Crash  Draws Response
On April 22 at approx. 04:00 a.m. Wyoming County dispatched Station 9 and Station 5 out of Lackawanna County for the 1 car mva rollover on routes 6 & 11 east of Keystone College.  Lieutenant 9B (Wasilewski) arrived on scene advising three patients all walking wounded. 
Rescue 9 handled the hazards while Engine 5 handled traffic.  Ambulance 9 and Ambulance 5-9 transported the patients to the area hospital.  Units operated on the scene for approx. 90 minutes.

Units on the Crash
Rescue 9, Ambulance 9, Engine 5, Ambulance 5-9, CLS 6, CLS 8, and PSP Dunmore

One Car MVA with Entrapment
On April 19 at approx. 2:18 a.m. Wyoming County dispatched Station 9 for a 1 car mva with entrapment and the vehicle on fire.  Lieutenant 9A (Stanton) arrived on scene advising all units that the car was fully involved.  Prior to the arrival of Lieutenant 9A a passerby did a rapid extrication of the patient from the vehicle before the passenger compartment was engulfed in flames.  Once the passerby had the patient extricated two unknown actors arrived and fled the scene with the patient. Engine 9 then arrived extinguishing the fire.  Units operated on scene for approx. 90 minutes.  Photos

Units on the Crash
Engine 9, Tanker 9, Ambulance 9, TYler 601, Tunkhannock Borough Police

Back to Back Calls 
On April 8, 2008 at around 15:30 Wyoming County dispatched Tanker 9 to assist Station 5 (Dalton) on a fire alarm on Lilly Lake Rd. 
While enroute Tanker 9 monitered the Radio transmissions and heard that Ambulance 5-9 was unable to make the fire alarm due to they have drove upon a 2 car mva infront of Restore auto body on SR 6 & 11.  Command 5 knew that Tanker 9 was within close proximity of the wreck so he redirected Tanker 9 to the accident. 
Command 5 then had Rescue 9, Rescue 2, Ambulance 4-9, and CLS 6 dispatched to the wreck also.  Tanker 9 blocked traffic while Rescue 9 assisted with patient removal and fluids down.  Rescue 2 was returned upon arrival of Rescue 9, Ambulance 5-9 transported 1 patient, and Ambulance 4-9 obtained a patient refusal.  Units operated for about 45 mins.

Units on the Crash
Rescue 9, Tanker 9, Tanker 5-3, Ambulance 5-9, Rescue 2, Ambulance 4-9, CLS 6, Dalton Police, South Abington Police

Tanker 9 relocated
At  23:45 hours  on March 26th Wyoming County dispatched Tanker 9 by request of Lackawanna County to relocate to Station 36 (Scott Township) to cover the area while multiple departments operated on a fully involved structure fire at Highway Auto Parts in Archbald.  Tanker 9 relocated and stood by at Station 36 along with Engine 26-1 (Excelsior Hose of Olyphant) for approx. 5 hours.
LZ setup
At approximately 17:00 Wyoming County dispatched Engine 9 to set up a landing zone at the Lackawanna Trail High School. 
Wyoming County reported that this would be assisting Tunkhannock Ambulance as they were enroute to the hospital they decided to fly their trauma patient. 
Engine 9 with a crew of 6 responded and set up the LZ for MedEvac 4.  Tunkhannock Ambulance 1-11 arrived with the Trauma patient, and with crews from both companies the patient was loaded and the chopper took off.  Units operated on scene for  30 minutes.

Units on the Call
Engine 9, Ambulance 1-11, Tyler 601, MedEvac 4

Wreck draws response
At13:00 on March 10 Wyoming County dispatched Rescue 9 and Ambulance 9 for a two car MVA on Routes 6&11 at the entrance to Keystone College.  Chief 9A (Sherman) arrived on scene reporting two vehicles with 3 patients, two possible refusals one with a head injury.  Rescue 9 arrived on scene contolling traffic, assisting with patient removal, and cleaning up fluids.  A patient was transported by Ambulance 9 with ALS aboard. Units operated on scene for an hour. 

Units assigned:  Rescue 9, Ambulance 9, Ambulance 5-9, Tyler 601  Photolink

2 alarm fire wrecks business
On Feb 22 around 9 a.m. Wyoming county dispatched Station 9 for a reported structure fire at Complete Auto on SR 6.  Lieutenant 9A (Stanton) arrived on scene confirming the fire, assumed command, and called for a second  alarm.  Upon arrival there was heavy fire on the AB corner with extension into the BC corner.
Engine 9's crew took an aggressive attack with 2 deck guns, but ran short on water. Tanker 9 and Triton tanker 5 arrived and  supplied a tanker nurse operation for E9 until supply lines could be established. Nicholson E2 arrived and established a 5" supply line from the creek feeding E9 giving an adequate amount of water.  E63 established another 5" supply line to feed Ladder 5.  Triton E2 established a tanker fill site down the road.  Due to heavy fire load, and repeated explosions the fire moved rapidly through the building, and the building was totally lost.

Units on the box: Engine 9, Tanker 9, Nicholson E2, Nicholson T4, Ladder 5, Ambulance 5-9, Engine 63, Tanker 63, Triton E2, Triton T5, Car 2, Rescue 2, Tanker 2, EMA 1&2, DEP, PSP Tunk., PSP Fire Marshal, and Tanker 36 relocated to Station 9 (Updated photo link)
Wreck: SUV vs. Tractor trailer
On Feb 21 at 13:27 Wyoming county dispatched Station 9 and Nicholson fire for a two car MVA SUV vs. Tractor Trailer on SR 92.  Nicholson 2 (Herron) arrived on scene stating two vehicles tractor trailer blocking the highway, three patients. 
 Rescue 9 arrived on scene assisting with fuel containment, while the patients were in the hands of EMS.  Moments after Rescue 9 was redirected to the Nicholson Carnival grounds to set up a landing zone by authority of Nicholson 1 (Roberts).  After setting up the LZ and assisting Life Flight 3 Rescue 9 was again redirected to the intersection of SR 92 and West Nicholson Rd. to shut down the highway.  Units operated on scene for about  5 hours.

Units on the Crash
Rescue 9, Ambulance 9, Nicholson E2, Ambulance 1-10, Life Flight 3  (Photos)

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